#WishYouKnew Postcards

The Postcards

After students had their activities and their discussions, it was time for them to fill out their cards. Each Student was given a card (teal for the high school) to fill out completing their statement.

Students were asked to put their first name and their age on the card. If they felt uncomfortable putting their name, however, they could put their initials on the back of the card.  

We asked teachers to gather the cards and look for anything that was inappropriate, or more importantly, anything that looked like it might be concerning or a cry for help. Teachers flagged those cards, gave us the names, and we handed them to the counseling office.  The counselors discretely met with the flagged students to talk about their cards.  Many of those kids ended up asking for and receiving services that they might not have gotten had it not been for this activity.

At the end of the activity, kids all got a #wishyouknew wristband.  They loved them!