What's Your Common Thread?

A unifying campaign that fosters a more welcoming school environment

  • 5 speakers
  • 6 spools of thread
  • 1000+ pledges

Highlight stories of human connection

In this campaign, four incredible teachers and one guest speaker delivered personal, uplifting, TED Talk-style speeches about about finding common threads and the importance of connecting with others

Make time for reflection

Following the teachers’ speeches, students anonymously responded to a series of questions with one-word answers, each written on a sticky note.

They then reviewed the responses as a class.

Define an ideal school environment

In a separate activity, students create a web of yarn by connecting with others that share similar thoughts on what they want in a school environment.

Students also make a pledge for how they can help make that vision a reality.

Celebrate common threads

Create a string mural to visually represent the general themes of students’ pledges, and the number of pledges within each theme.

Included Projects

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