Speaker Series II


This project continues a conversation about social health, emotional health and wellness through art and community. We are here to heal, empower, protect and create. We are here because our students matter.

The Chelsea Community continued the #WhyYouMatter project for a third year! This is all thanks to students and teachers who continue to do amazing work within our school community.  As a result, the #WhyYouMatter committee went above and beyond to implement another powerful campaign to help connect and strengthen our school community. 

There were three parts to our project this year.

  1. Due to popular demand, we brought back our ​“TED Talk Speaker Series.”
  2. We added in a class connection activity
  3. We culminated with a public art project.

This year the premise was another question:

“What’s Your Common Thread?"

We wanted to break down those barriers that divide us and start looking for similarities instead of differences. There are “common threads” that run between all of us as humans. We just have to look for them.

Four Teachers from Chelsea High School, a student from the University of Michigan, and our AP Literature Class presented powerful, passionate speeches. The focus was on connecting with others, connecting with yourself, being there for someone, kindness, and how to reach out when you are struggling.

In between the speakers, movie clips played of students talking about how and why the relationships they have in their lives are so important to them. Again, we laughed, we cried, and we learned something about ourselves and others.