String Mural


This year, our student committee decided to focus on connections. In our school, students are part of many groups - and like the world we live in, those groups and sub groups can create a divisive environment. We are one community but many of us don’t know each other. This year students’ wanted to break down those barriers that divide us and start looking for similarities instead of differences. There are “common threads” that run between all of us as humans. We just have to look for them.

So! the #whyyoumatter campaign this year is about connection. We live in a world where you can sit right next to someone and not even know them. Or you might know of them, but because they don’t play your sport, aren’t in your club, or don’t share your values you choose to stay disconnected. Connection, however, is the most important thing to us as human beings. There is a common thread that runs between all of us, you just have to look for it. If we can try harder to make these connections, big and small, we can create a happier environment where we look out for each other. So how are you going to make a new connection? How can you make this school a better place?