String Mural

Planning the Mural

The idea behind this mural was to show the the beauty of human connections.  We wanted to represent every member of the school community in the mural.  

Originally, we had thought that we could somehow physically represent every connection made during this year's campaign.  We ended up moving away from that idea after we couldn't decide as a group how to make it happen within our time and budget for the year.  Not only that, but we had hoped to use the yarn from the web activities.  Yarn, however, turned out to be too stretchy for what we needed.  So here is how we came up with our mural...

​We tallied up all the pledges that students entered using their QR code from the web activity. We organized them into 6 categories and assigned each category a color.

The following week, in the same class, we talked again about the pledges.  We had them look over their previous pledes and see if they wanted to add/change.  Then we had them put that pledge into one of these categories and choose the appropriate color. Next students and staff members got a small slip of corresponding colored cardstock and wrote their pledge on that paper.