String Mural


1.  Embroidery String.  Aunt Lydia's Classic 10. (Bought from both Michaels and Joanne Fabrics)
2.  Ceiling clips. Bernie's Office Supplies Metal Drop Ceiling Hooks. (Ordered on Amazon!)
3. Wood (1X4/s split in half the long way)
5.  L Brackets, nuts and bolts to hold on brackets. 
4.  Cup Hooks

  • Blue  - Kindness (to self and others)
  • Green -Action (get involved/join a club/help)
  • Yellow - Personal Spaces (make the school a prettier place!)
  • Orange - Personal Growth (work on your own health/balance)
  • Red - Connections (create/strengthen connections with others)
  • Purple - Advocate (stand up for something you believe in!)