What's Your Why?

a proactive, meaningful campaign to help students build A positive self-image

  • 8 speakers
  • 3 assemblies
  • 2,400 flags

Model self-reflection, vulnerability, and strength

In this campaign, eight brilliant teachers delivered poignant, honest, TED Talk-style speeches about discovering their “why”. The talks addressed topics such as overcoming grief, accepting yourself, taking risks, love and kindness, and being there for others.

Involve students at every step

To compliment the teachers’ speeches, we also asked a small group of students about their “why’s” and filmed the responses. We combined them into short video clips and played them in between each teachers’ talk during the assembly.

Debrief and reflect

After the assembly, students completed classroom activities which asked them to journal about what resonated most with them. The lesson concluded with a class discussion.

Spread love and positivity through Tibetan prayer flags

Based on their journal reflections, every student wrote their “why” on a 6x6” flag*. We then strung the flags together and hung them in downtown Chelsea for the whole community to experience.

*We did this project across all K-12 schools in Chelsea, but it can be implemented at any scale!

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