Prayer Flags

Creating the Flags

Creating the prayer flags was our first step in this process. We wanted to have enough flags so that every member of our district community could create one if they wished. We did some research of the cheapest/most durable/washable fabric and ended up using un-bleached muslin fabric. It held sharpie well and only bled over time. 

We had students start helping with ripping the fabric into 6"x8" shapes. If you cut a little indent, you can easily rip fabric down a straight line. The flags were not meant to be perfect and the ripped effect is part of the prayer flag aesthetic. After ripping them, we had students iron the top down into a crease. This helped for the sewing machine- no need for pins! The crease was about an inch wide- making the flags almost a 6"x6" square. Each flag was a little different! 

Sewing the flags was not hard. We had a few sewing machines in our office, community volunteers, as well as brave students who learned the sewing machine for the first time. 

Sewing the flags was straight forward- a straight simple line across the ironed crease. They didn't need it to be clean or beautiful- just straight through. Yet again, not perfect! 

Once the flags were sewn, we put them into piles of 30 to wait to be separated per teacher.