Speaker Series I

Assembly #2

We gave the kids time to reflect on and discuss the speaker series #1. They were talking about it with teachers, friends, and family.  We waited a few weeks between assemblies, but in hindsight about a week in between would perfect. Our schedule for the Assembly #2 followed the same format, but instead of the principal giving a speech, but we added a short video at the end explaining our intentions for the Speaker Series as well as what we hope they took from it. We also encouraged them to them to start thinking about their own personal "why."

Students were given another copy of the same sheet with the same prompt. They were able to digest, reflect and discuss in the same manner.  Sheets were collected and held again. 

We created this speaker series around the concept of "why"? Why are you here? What's your purpose? We decided to tie that in to the prayer flag project. This is totally optional! We wanted to have a public art project to go along with our speaker series but you don't have to do both. It does beautifully tie in to the idea of a prayer flag "mantra" and the flags are awesome but it was a lot of work to do both. That's what we are talking about in this video and what the third lesson plan is focused around!