#WhyYouMatter Portraits

Filing System

Making sure that each and every student is represented is very important. We wouldn't want anyone to be left off of the wall when we hang. Luckily, the secretary for the counseling office made lists for each grade in alphabetical order. On those sheets we have columns for name, file number, uploaded, edited, printed and comments. Each column was initialed by the student working on that file as it was completed. This system worked pretty well, including the "comments" section where photographers would make a note if the student wrote something worth flagging (inappropriate, highly personal, retake). This section came in incredibly handy. 

These sheets were critical for keeping track of who has had their picture taken. It was important that the sheets were completed with care- any typo could cause a student's picture to accidentally go missing (We found it helpful to have people initial the sheets when they made changes so that if a mistake was made, it could easily be found). ALWAYS USE PENCIL! At the end of day of shooting, the photos were uploaded. We made sure to keep original camera files on one  computer desktop just in case we needed the original file. Then we copied them to another folder and changed the names of each photograph to the student name. We organized each file by grade, last name, first name (ex. 9SmithJohn.jpg) This was also important because files would go missing if they were not in order or if they were spelled wrong. 

Next we uploaded them into Google Drive organized by a folder for each grade level.  Within each grade level we had a folder for uploaded (names changed before we uploaded to drive), edited (those put into the psd template with # banner) and printed (where we moved them after they were printed to keep them safe).

​We constantly moved files from one to the other while making sure to check off each column on the file template as we went along.  

We had two students who we called our Brick Walls, because they constantly went through and checked and rechecked every step of the way.  They almost always found a mistake somewhere....