#WhyYouMatter Portraits

The Grant

Our first step after the initial idea sparked was to do a tally of what we would need to be able to pull of a campaign of this scale. The goal was to have every student photographed, edited, printed and hung around the school. That meant we needed a photo "booth" set up, a camera, light boxes, computers, a nice color printer and card stock paper (initially we planned on laminating each picture to protect it, but the hassle that went into that was too much and the lamination process altered the quality of the photograph).Prices:

  1. Ink: $900
  2. Paper: $150
  3. Utac Stickies: $250
  4. Light Boxes: $100
  5. 4 Memory Cards: $100
  6. 8 White Boards: $50

Our estimate of costs turned out be being about $1,500. If you have some of the supplies we mentioned, you may not need all $1,500. We have a local grant provider for our school district called the Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF). Most schools have something similar to this or other local grant providers. Ask your administrator for more information. Another alternative to getting a grant would be to do a fundraiser within your school. We actually needed to spend more money on ink than we originally thought, so we had to find alternative funds to help cover. If you print smaller, or with cheaper printers, you will be closer to staying within a budget of $1500 for 1000 kids.  I would aim to add a few hunred to your proposal - you can always give back what you don't use! The costs for this are not that high considering the lasting impacts this had on students.