#WhyYouMatter Portraits


We decided to hang the show on the Sunday before Martin Luther King day. We had the committee get there early and the volunteers (we asked anyone from the community to come help if they wanted to) get there at 1:00pm. We asked everyone to bring a ladder or step stool with them.  We had the photographs divided up based on section. Each section had a "leader" from the committee who was in charge of a group of walls and volunteers. The photographs from each section were mixed up so that there was an equal amount of staff and mixed students. We accounted for every poster and marked what section it was in on our master lists so that we could easily find it later. 

There were many small decisions about the placement of the photographs that we decided a month before we actually hung. By the time we were hanging the pictures, the leaders knew exactly which line on the brick to follow or that the photographs would touch the lockers. We also decided to start in the middle of each wall so the photographs would be centered in their placement without awkward space on one side. 

We counted out all of the photos for each team leaders section and had a folder ready for them.  The folder had the photos, sticky tack that had been counted out and divided for that number of photos, and a map of the their section highlighted and color coded.

With each leader, volunteers were in charge of putting sticky tac on each poster on the floor before handing the prepped poster to a volunteer in charge of pushing the poster into the wall.