#WhyYouMatter Portraits

Materials & Resources

  • Camera: We used a Canon Rebel T3. It is a standard DSLR camera with a manual setting. It is also easy to do this on a phone or iPad.
  • White Boards: 11x14 Foray Matching
  • Light Boxes (2): 20x28, 2500 Watt, Soft Boxes
  • Printer: HP Color Laserjet CP5225 (any color printer would work for this- our printer was just high quality for Graphic Design).
  • Stickies: We really struggled with which type of sticky to buy. We did not want to get something that could pull paint off the walls, but we also needed a tacky substance that could hold the paper up for a week or more. We went with UHU Tac- it worked perfectly!!! Cut the UHU Tac into little squares with an exacto knife to make it easier to pull on small pieces.
  • Paper: Neenah FSC Certified Cardstock, 11" x 17", Bright White, Pack Of 250 (You can also do this project with 8.5x11!)
  • #WhyYouMatter Lesson Plan PDF