#WhyYouMatter Portraits


We had a group of three students on printing at first. One person was manually printing each picture, one was navigating the filing system (to mark that the student was officially printed) and one was moving the files out of "edited" to "printed" in the Google Drive. Once we got going, I had one student who just took over printing.  She went faster by herself once she figured out the system and got into a groove.

*Other schools have used local printing companies who want to help a local project. We have also seen projects use local photographers.

Printing was a bit of a mess for us because of navigating the setting on our printing with the Cardstock paper. You might have to run a few tests before you get the right settings for your computer/printer. Some tips include checking the paper size and type. There is usually an option for Cardstock in the drop down menu. If you use Google Drive, be sure to download the original file to be printed in its highest quality!