#WhyYouMatter Portraits

The Staff's Role

The English Department was integral to this project. They incorporated a lesson plan that really dove into the theme of the project.  Teachers had discussions and assigned projects that helped students to look inward to find the answer to the question "why do you matter?"  The counseling department dove in, working to help students who were really struggling with the question. Honestly, just asking the students this simple question brought up all kinds of emotion and personal insights that were beyond our expectations.  Staff and students around the school were discussing their statements with each other, really working to help everyone find their own answer.  It took a village on this.  Everyone in the school, both students and staff, began looking out for each other.  It was beautiful. 

During the day of the opening to the students, our principal allowed an "assembly schedule" which shortened all hours but lengthened just one.  This will allowed teachers to walk their classes through the gallery and have time to discuss with students in their classroom afterward.