Speaker Series I


A year after completing our photography project, we wanted to continue to do good work within our school community. 

As a result, the CHS Art Department and Counseling department have teamed up again to launch a proactive, meaningful campaign to help build positive self-images within our student body.

There were two parts to our project this year. We started with a speaker series in a "Ted-Talk" style and we culminated with a public art project.  This year the premise was another simple question:

"What's Your Why?"

We want students to look at the bigger picture, and discover something important to hold on to when the times get tough. 

Teachers from Chelsea High School presented powerful, passionate speeches that focused on their personal journey and how they found their "WHY."

 We had two speaker series assemblies in which the entire staff and student body attended.  Each assembly consisted of four teachers that shared deeply personal stories on discovering their "why," including topics such as overcoming grief, accepting yourself, taking risks, love and kindness, and being there for others.  In between speeches, movie clips of students stating their "why" were played.  After each assembly, students went back to their classrooms to discuss, reflect, and make connections to their own lives 

 Throughout the presentations, teachers poured their hearts out on the stage.  There were many laughs and many tears.  All eight speakers earned standing ovations from their students. Every member of the audience was moved beyond words.