String Mural

Stringing the Mural

Stringing the mural took about a dozen people.  We had 4 ladders and a ton of donuts to keep us going.  It was impossible to build a frame and attach on top of the window frame because it is all metal.  So, we went metal drop-ceiling hanger clips!  They worked great!

  1. We made sure all the string was laid out in the correct windows according to our diagram.  Each student pair had a window and color they were responsible for.  One of the ladder, one on the ground. 
  2. We attached the beginning of the string to from the cup hook (tied it on TIGHT) and the person on the ground fed the string up to the person on top of the ladder.
  3. The person on the ladder fed it through the ceiling clip. and back down to the person on the group.  Then repeat.  We definitely got our squats in. 
  4. Colors were changed or added according to the diagram. When finished we just made sure everything was secure.  It took forever but it turned out super cool. 

While some were working on the mural itself, others were working on taping up the pledges. Since the idea was that the string represented the pledges - we wanted the pledges to be part of the mural.  So a group of students helped organize and tape up the pledges between the windows and on the railing behind them. 

After collecting all of the pledges from the entire school community, we counted them all!  We came up with a percentage of each color/category and translated that into how much of each colored string would be used in the mural. 

So the mural became kind of a visual graph of the student body's pledges and commitments to improve our school.  Here are the sample sketches we made before we started- they changed a bit as we calculated the results: