#WhyYouMatter Portraits

Taking the Pictures

We set up shop in the Student Council room (more like a closet) where we had a black sheet hung up and the camera set up. We put duck tape on the ground to mark where each object was set up just in case someone moved something (see picture above).

As for taking the pictures, we had two students set up to take pictures for each hour. One student was greeting, marking off names, and writing the file numbers next to each name, while the other was actually taking the photographs.

We had about 8 white boards for students to write on, and they would come in one by one to have their picture taken. There is a student using the filing system to mark exactly which student had come in and then writing down the number on the camera (ex. 101-8945.9). The 101 tells us the file on the SD memory card, the 8945 tells us the digital file number, and the .9 means that it is on the freshman card (as  opposed to .10, .11, .12).  We would switch out the memory cards for every grade we photographed to make uploading easier.